Yahoo! Mail Comes back Reinvented and ready to Conquer

Yahoo! Is one of the main and most experienced email platforms in comparison to its competitors, although at present time it is facing a crisis that it may overcome very soon, thanks to the new perspective it has been willing to do with its services.

Since, Yahoo! Mail is in the seeds of its rebirth thanks to a recently renew implemented interface, which is scaling on the Yahoo! User accounts who still are faithful to its services.

In detail, one of the most important changes has been regarding the general interface reinvention, which is now more minimalistic and clearer if we compare it with its previous version. In fact, a great benefit is that this new interface can be personalized greatly and in a simpler way.

Personalization at the click of just one button

To begin with, in order to personalize Yahoo! Mail interface you to have to click on the setting button that is located on the right side of the screen, along with Yahoo Messenger, contacts and calendar buttons. So, this button will show personalization parameters among which definitely stand out color and other personalized areas with your selection.  


Of course, not only the colors can be personalized on the new interface, but other aspects like element distribution, mail sample design as visualization mode, and if it is wished use tab mode as well.

In the same way, you can select the mailbox spacing option right underneath the selection of color personalization areas in the interface. For example, available options are small, medium and large, which can be selected to take advantage of visualization screen size.   


In another way, message design options allow to get message visualization on the side or underneath mailbox. Like this, this is useful if the visualized screen resolution is too wide or too long, being able to take advantage the most of it. However, if the resolution is too low message tab option is more useful, though.

In so, to activate this modifications you have to select one out of the three options in the message design area. Thus, options available are: No Preview Panel, Show Message to the Right and Show Message on the Bottom. Also, message tab option is a switch just underneath the available choices.  

A more functional searching panel and user management

Continuing, the top bar regarding the whole interface has been simplified, having the same elements found on the older version, but it is shown in a simpler way now. So, the searching bar is now programmed to deliver priority on finding existing primary elements on the email.  


In order to be able to use this searching bar, think about and write key words on what it is required and then click the searching button. On the other hand, if what you wish to search have some particular qualities, you can click on the complementary button with the pointing down arrow icon, in order to open the advanced searching options.


On another subject, account management options are now located to the right top of the screen. In details, management consists on: the user button, an access button directing other Yahoo! Services and a start button, which leads to Yahoo!´s home page.

In that way, to manage the accounts you just have to click the button with the user name on it, and then an emergent icon will appear to show information about the account with the logged session and options to add other several Yahoo! Accounts. In the same way, the session can be logged out from this option.  

ymail Login

In order to access other Yahoo! Services as Yahoo! Sports or Yahoo! Finance, you have to click on the service button that opens an emerging menu, with links leading all these services. In so, to click on any of them will make you leave YMail, although the session will not be logged out.

ymail Login

An access area to smarter files

The left panel has always been the one with access to predetermine email folders. In fact, the previous version of Yahoo Mail already combined smart folders with predetermine folders, but this time this function has been taken to a whole new level.

Regarding this, besides these links to smart folder other links are showed to visualize images only and attached documents that are contained on the emails, and last, there are the links to created folders in order to organize emails to own criteria, resulting on more neat and clean aspect.

Therefore, in order to use these functions it is just required clicking on the link of interest, if it is about an smart filter it will show email belonging only its corresponding definition, clicking on documents or images views and email visualization area will start loading a gallery, which will give access to multimedia elements such as photos, videos and others.

yahoo mail

Of course, personalized folders can be modified at own will and if you want to hide them for personal preference, you can click on Hide, being this option reversible, as well.

Yahoo! goes on the right way, although it has to use the strategy on taking characteristics already invented by its competitors, but in this case it is a way to be able to modernize itself and become a competitive online email client.

A close look to the Yahoo Finance New Tab extension

Yahoo Finance is one of the main financial informative tool par excellence, being used by many mercantile analysts to predict suitable investment contexts, and also to make assertive decisions on the course of their recent projects.

To begin with, Yahoo Finance is not a new portal, it already counts with a great trajectory and therefore, it has experience on the adequate information broadcasting to its visitors. In fact, the web site was the preferred one in 2014 by North American conservatives, who perceived annual earnings surpassing the 100.000 dollars.

In so, the web page functioned by itself for many years, but in the natural advance of web technologies and all the elements working around them, extensions have become in one personalization tool with great potential.

In detail, this potential is linked to the fact that the supplied information by the native portal is not personalized and it is more general, taking into account the region and precisely for that Yahoo Finance counts with portals for Latin America, Europe, Asia and a global web page which works for the North American market.

Yahoo Finance New Tab extension

How Yahoo´s financial extension works and its functions

In this case, extensions allow to personalize the amount of values the portal should show based on the particular interests of the visitor. This currently is possible through a specialized extension called Yahoo Finance New Tab, which can be found on the Google Web Store and be installed on Google Chrome.

For example, extensions on the Google browser works as a complement that permits making certain interventions on the browsing experience of the user, so, for the particular case of  Yahoo Finance visitors, this extension allows personalizing the showed information on Google Chrome´s home page.

Like this, the customizable information showed on the home page can include relevant values for the analysts, which exclude data that do not necessarily influence on their synthesis, or in the case about needing it to consult, they prefer to visit the portal directly.

In the same way, besides showing stock data the extension also shows news that are considered relevant for the big data financial analysis. Like this, such news can have political or social nature that end up being imperative for the context they provide to the analysis in general.

How Yahoo Finance New Tab is installed in our systems 

Installing a Google Chrome extension is not particularly complicated, although it is recommendable having logged in with a Gmail account. In relation to this, the installation is quite automatized and the most complicated thing is to locate the extension on the Chrome Web Store.

About the installation process, the extension is textually called Yahoo Finance New Tab and when you indicate you are going to install it, it will automatically get downloaded and added to the extensions list with previous authorization, which you must provide on an unmistakable dialogue box. For additional security, make sure it appears as the brand that provides it, in order to avoid any confidentiality or privacy issue.

Continuing, when it is installed the home page is changed to the extension one, which consists on the elements described before, along with direct accesses to frequently visited web pages. In so, these pages are the same ones showed by the “most visited” tab from the original Chrome home page, but adding the useful Yahoo direct access to home screen.

Yahoo Finances

Suitable screen width for Yahoo Finance extension

At the same time, direct accesses are customizable even though the searching engine of the bar that appears on the home screen set by the extension cannot be changed or modified. So, in order to take the most advantage of Yahoo Finance´s financial bar interface the screen where the browser is shown have to be wide.

On the other hand, if the screen is not wide enough this bar with relevant information will not be shown, losing the advantage of the installation of this extension. Also, among other things to consider is because there are so many extensions out there that abuse and violate Google Chrome setting permissions, the browser now supervise the extensions that produce changes on the current configurations.

Like this, if a modification or change in the configuration occur Google Chrome would be able to notify it and provide to the user the option to restore the previous configuration. Nevertheless, if this option is selected the Yahoo Finance New Tab extension will be disable, being an important aspect to take in consideration.

Counterparts about Yahoo Finance New Tab as an extension

Also, not all is benefit to the user according to the Yahoo Finance New Tab´s informative capabilities, if we consider that along with it we must adopt Yahoo Search as our predetermined searching engine.

Since, this engine not only is configured to be used on the searching bar located on the new tab interface set by the extension, but it is also used as the predetermined searching engine when we use the URL bar when we want to make online searching on the internet.

Therefore, the only way to be able to use the searching engine of our preference is accessing to the corresponding portal on purpose, since the searching engine change on the extension cannot be done by any mean.

Without any doubt this is an important flaw, especially if we are used to utilize Google as our favorite browsing engine, although a rush solution is to set one of the Yahoo Finance New Tab´s bookmarks in the home page, for it to direct us the searching engine web of our preference.

So, to conclude the Yahoo Finance New Tab extension is an admissible choice if we are willing to use Yahoo Search as our preferred searching engine. In fact, actually there are little differences in relation to the search results if they are compared with other searching engines, but some users can take this quite sensibly as change, being something imperative to take into account with no doubt.

Yahoo Finance has always been a powerful financial tool

Currency market is one of the most lucrative economic businesses, moving billions of dollars a year and working at the same time as economic synergy indicators related with the currencies themselves.

In so, not only currencies around the world are traded, but also many important enterprises and companies quote the value of their shares on international and local stock exchange, as a prove of their financial strength. Business shares, currency trading and quotes are carried out by trained staff, using at the same time tools and instruments to calculate indicators.

Like this, if the investors have decided not to get involved in the trading process, but they prefer keeping the third party posture, they can rely on more informative tools like Yahoo Finance, which is an offered service by Yahoo! Inc. that consists on provide financial data complemented with comments and oriented analysis for the American market.

Yahoo Finance

Provided data by Yahoo Finance as an economic site

In relation, the provided data by Yahoo Finance includes values about stock indexes, stock quotes of the most influential financial companies, corporative and mercantile oriented press reports and it also provides a channel towards discussion forums, in order to analyze objectively concrete perspectives about enterprises of interest and their international value.

Also, Yahoo Finance is not limited to international finance, but it also provides financial self-management personal tools, which are linked with a set of services offered by Yahoo and being similar to what Microsoft and Google do: to have a centralized productivity ecosystem.

In fact, Yahoo Finance is a worldwide service, although it shows itself according to the specific region, since certain financial status are not relevant in the whole world, but they are important for particular continental regions. Because of that, Yahoo Finance has a worldwide portal; one for South America, one for Europe and one for Asia.

Yahoo´s financial portal does not have exact time of existence on the web, but it is followed by references about its development. Since, during the decade of 2000 the known information about this financial portal was referenced by a developing module, which it was already build in to the Yahoo´s portal at the time.

By January 2014, Yahoo Finance was recognized as the number one site as the financial reference media by the North American republicans, whose yearly incomes surpass 100.000 dollars. In detail, this press note was published by Newsmax; a conservative communication media that studied the portal utilizing a user tracking method.

Yahoo Finance and its tools to predict market fluctuations

Yahoo Finance

In the same way, the relevance of the provided information by Yahoo Finance starts from the fundamental statistic principle of economic paths iterations, as a valuable functional indicator for investment, in other words, they are data that indicate if determined markets statistically speaking are suitable to make an investment, or otherwise, to better retain capital and wait for a better option and condition.

The indicators are normally prices and values fluctuations that are closely related with the general economic behavior and its relation with other factors and variables like politics, as well as particular and regional social condition regarding some nations. For example, along stand out elements there are crude oil prices, gold price, Standard Stock Index & Poor´s 500 and the Dow Jones.

Along with that, the value of stock shares supervision of some enterprises can also be indicators about investment suitability in regions and particular countries; for example, supervising stock value fluctuation of the Xiaomi Company, it can provide a clear idea of the investment potential in a service company in China.

Social and political situations and their influence on economy

However, stock data is not everything; currency prices and share values of companies, political, social and financial condition analysis of regions and countries are also critical in these data analysis, because they frequently provide context of something that if it is completely isolated, it would only speak of a subjective reality.

In the same order of ideas, a lot of the stock values see their fluctuations influenced by political decisions or sociocultural events; for example, a clear given case was the (temporary) downfall in the investment interest on the North American market, after Donald Trump won the presidency of the United Stated. Regarding to that, this was due to his government proposals which seem to make complicate imports relationships with the United Stated.

These is where Yahoo Finance appears, offering news entries that describe situations like the ones mentioned before, although not limited on them, but they also consist on news about cultural aspects related with culture of the regions and countries of interest. Therefore, to keep tracking these types of subjects can allow to predict with enough time a possible favorable or unfavorable situation from the financial point of view.

Yahoo Finance as a suitable instrument for trading

For example, a fast example of the described situation before are the related news with Irma, Katia and José Hurricanes, which result being a storm system that devastated a great amount of Caribbean locations, ending with Florida in the United Stated.

In so, to the eye of a finance expert having followed these news would had allowed him or her to predict the economic effect on the North American state, and therefore its quite possible mercantile function downfall depending on the weather.

In relation to the whole situation described before, a lot of commercial flights were cancelled and part of the import and export machinery activity was affected, and that ended up producing a little downfall on the stock values of the North American economy. So, with a trained heuristics a lot of investors could be warned of the climate phenomenon ending probabilities, being able to make preventive decisions.

Tricks for Yahoo that You Should Know About

In this post, we’ve got some more useful tricks for using your Yahoo account more efficiently and effectively. We’ll go over how to select all the messages in a folder at once (even if there are so many messages they take up multiple pages), tricks for searching for a specific email in your Yahoo Mail, and how to easily create a printer friendly version of a message (no ads or other nonsense).

How to select all messages in Yahoo, even on multiple pages

By the time you find a few minutes to organize your Yahoo email, you might already have hundreds upon hundreds of emails in your various folders. And when you have that many messages, they can’t all be displayed on one page – instead, Yahoo breaks them up into multiple pages. That means that if you wanted to select all 486 emails from a particular folder using the normal method, you’d have to click the “Select all” checkbox for each and every page that those messages are one. Yuck.

Fortunately, there’s a much faster way to do this using Yahoo’s “Search mail” feature.

At the top of your Yahoo Mail inbox, there is a search bar that you can use to search your mail. To the left of it is a small drop down menu that lets you choose which folder of your mail you want to search in. By default, this is set to “All”.

tricks for yahoo

Let’s say I want to select all of the messages from my Inbox folder so I can move them somewhere else (Trash, Archive, etc.). I would click on the folder menu and select “Inbox”. Just select whichever folder you want to select all messages from.

tricks for yahoo

Once you’ve selected the right folder, don’t type anything in the search bar, and just click “Search mail”.

tricks for yahoo

You’ll see all the messages from your selected folder that can fit on one page. Now, obviously I only have 4 messages in my Inbox and I could have easily selected them all manually or just done the “Select all” checkbox at the top of my inbox. But if you have several pages of emails, doing this will only select “all” the emails on the first page, and you’d have to repeat it for every single page.

tricks for yahoo

But with these search results, if you click the “Select all” checkbox, it actually selects ALL of the messages at once, no matter how many pages of emails there are. So simply click the top checkbox to select every email in the folder you chose, and then take whatever action you want with them (delete them, mark as spam, move to another folder, archive, etc.).

tricks for yahoo 5

Tricks for searching your Yahoo Mail inbox

Yahoo Mail has some useful search operators that make it easier to find a specific email, even if you can’t remember the details about it. Most people don’t know about these email search tips, and they just blindly wander around their inbox until the find their desired message by pure luck or get tired of looking. But not you!

Let’s say I think I remember getting an email from my Grandma with a recipe that looked interesting. I think it was an Italian recipe that used parsley… or was it Italian parsley? Was it even Grandma who sent it? Where do we even begin?!

If I type the phrase “italian parsley” (including quotation marks) into the Yahoo Mail search bar and click search (if you really don’t know where to look, it’s probably best to have “All” selected for the folder), it will show me all emails I have received and sent that have the exact phrase, “Italian parsley” somewhere inside them. Search terms are not case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you use lowercase or uppercase letters.

tricks for yahoo 6

By removing the quotations marks and just searching for italian parsley, Yahoo understands this to mean “Italian” and “parsley”, so this will bring up all emails that have both of these words somewhere in them.

tricks for yahoo 7

If you want the search tool to use “or” instead of “and”, you can enter the search terms in parenthesis: (italian parsley) will give all messages that have either “Italian” or “parsley”.

tricks for yahoo 8

But now that I’ve looked through all these messages, I realize that it wasn’t parsley at all. So I can enter (without quotations) “italian-parsley”; the – means “minus” in this case, so this will give me all messages that have the word “Italian” but only if they don’t have the word “parsley”.

tricks for yahoo 9

Let’s try another approach. Maybe I’m pretty sure the email with the recipe I want had “recipe” in the subject of the message. I can search (without quotations) subject:recipe to return all emails with “recipe” in the subject line.

tricks for yahoo 10

Ok, but if I have 1000 recipe emails from my Mom and I know she wasn’t the one who sent it, I can remove her messages from my search results using the same “minus sign” as before. subject:recipe -from:Mom will return all emails with “recipe” in the subject that didn’t come from Mom.

tricks for yahoo 13

Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure that recipe was from Grandma. I’ll try checking all messages from:Grandma.

tricks for yahoo 11

I can narrow that down a bit by searching only for recipe emails from Grandma with the search term from:Grandma subject:recipe.

tricks for yahoo 12

And so on and so forth, you can combine these operators “and”, “or”, “not”, “subject”, “from” in any way you want to find the message you’re looking for.

Print an email in Yahoo Mail

Most of the time, if you try to print an email directly from your inbox, you’ll end up wasting a lot of ink and paper on whatever advertisements were there when you hit the print button. Luckily, Yahoo Mail has a super simple way to create an ad-free, printer-friendly version of an email.

First, open the message you want to print. Then, just hit the “P” button on your computer keyboard. A new window with the printer-friendly email will pop up.

tricks for yahoo 14

Alternatively, you can click on the “More” menu inside the email and click on “Print”. The same popup window will appear.

tricks for yahoo 15

Now you have 3 more tricks up your sleeve that will let you get the most out of your Yahoo account! You’re basically a Yahoo Mail pro now.

Tips for Using Your Yahoo Account

Yahoo Mail is a great email platform that’s quite intuitive and easy to navigate, and if you had enough time, I’m sure you could figure out how to do just about anything you want in your Yahoo account just by clicking around and doing some trial and error. But who has time for that?

To make your life easier, we’ve put together some of the most useful and popular tips for using your Yahoo account. Enjoy!

What if I forget or lose my password?

When you set up your Yahoo account, certain “safety features” were put in place in case you ever forgot your password. If you added a secondary email address to your Yahoo account, recovering your password and accessing your account will be easy. If you didn’t add a secondary email address, Yahoo should have asked you to choose and answer a couple security questions in order to prove you are really you and recover your account.  Hopefully you remember the answers to these questions!

First, go to the Yahoo sign in page and click on “Need help?”

yahoo tips and tricks1

Now, click on “I don’t remember my password”.

yahoo tips and tricks

yahoo tips and tricks

This next screen will be slightly different depending on the information you provided when you set up your Yahoo account. If, like me, you added your mobile phone number, Yahoo’s first choice to recover your password is to text a code to your cell phone, since this is the most secure way to prove that you’re you. If you don’t have that phone number anymore, you’ll have to click on “I don’t have access to this phone” and try something else.

yahoo tips and tricks

If you added a secondary email address, this is Yahoo’s second choice to recover your account. If for some reason you can’t get into that email address either, you’ll have to click on “I don’t have access to this email”, and pray that you set up security questions when you created your Yahoo account.

yahoo tips and tricks

As you can see, I didn’t

yahoo tips and tricks

There are limited options when it comes to recovering a lost or forgotten password, which is why it is so important to pick one that you won’t forget or write it down and keep it in a very safe place. On the other hand, it can’t be so easy that someone else can guess it and break into your personal account.

Help! What if I deleted an important message from Yahoo mail?

If you accidentally delete an important message and you haven’t emptied your trash folder, you can un-delete the message by moving it out of your trash folder.

If you have emptied your trash, or if the message just vanished into thin air, there is still a way to get it back as long as you act within the first 7 days of it being deleted. Here’s how:

First, go into your Yahoo inbox and hover over the gear icon, then click settings.

yahoo tips and tricks

In the settings window, go to the Accounts section. We need to make sure you have POP enabled on your Yahoo email address, so click on your Yahoo email account to view/edit details.

yahoo tips and tricks

Scroll down until you see the option for POP or Forwarding, and make sure POP is checked (you can only have one of these checked at a time).

yahoo tips and tricks

Next, go back to the Accounts section and click on “Add another mailbox”. You can add another email address that you will be able to use to check your Yahoo mail. It can be Outlook, Gmail, etc.

yahoo tips and tricks

Enter in the relevant information, give your other email account permission to sync with Yahoo when prompted, and give your account some time to sync. This is important because we’re going to request a restored copy of your Yahoo mail from, say, 24 hours ago, so if you don’t put the emails you received in the last 24 hours somewhere else, they will be gone forever.

Once your other email has synced with Ymail, you can download your existing messages into the other email account. Then, go back to your Yahoo inbox, go to the gear icon again and click “Help”. When the help popup shows up, click on the link at the bottom that says “Still need help?”

yahoo tips and tricks

On the Yahoo help page, click the topic “Organize and restore emails”, then choose subtopic “Deleted email messages by mistake” or “Email is unexpectedly lost or missing”. They both will give you the option to “Restore Yahoo Mail” with a backup copy. Click on the “Restore Yahoo Mail” button.

yahoo tips and tricks

On the help request form, select “Accidentally deleted messages on web Mail”, say when was the last time you saw the message(s) you need enter the captcha code and click “Create Request”.  Yahoo will contact you and in most cases will be able to take your account back in time to before the message was lost or deleted so that you can get it back.

How do I set up my Yahoo email signature?

Many people like to add a signature to their email, especially if they use their Yahoo account for work. This is text that will be displayed at the bottom of every email you send in Yahoo automatically, unless you manually delete it.

Here’s how to create an email signature in Yahoo:

Go back to your “Settings” by using the gear icon in your inbox, and go to the “Accounts section” and select your Yahoo email address.

yahoo tips and tricks

Scroll down until you find the “Signature” section, check the box to “append a signature to the emails you send”, and then use the box to enter the text you want for your signature. You can also use rich text formatting to change the font style, color, etc. Then click “Save”.

yahoo tips and tricks

There you have it, the 3 most useful and popular tips for using your Yahoo account!

Don’t forget to check out our post, “Security Tips for Yahoo Mail” and stay tuned for another post on tricks that will let you get the most out of your Yahoo account.