Yahoo! progresses on its new interface, although contacts and calendar are missing at present time

Yahoo! Mail is experiencing one of the biggest and more important renovations in its entire history, and not necessarily being a deep renovation on its functioning, but quite important due to the current condition of the service, where a makeover is really more than urgent.


So, Ymail faces a situation where it needs to modernize itself, and the new released interface a few days ago provides that makeover many of us were expecting for, and wanting the presence of functionalities and personalization like the ones on the direct competition.

Because of that, many functions have been implemented on the new version, which is possible to activate on our personal account and it substitutes the old interactive mode for good, offering quite more intuitive personalization options, clearer functions and a right minimalistic formula.

A quite integral viewing central component

Now, the central element of the new design Yahoo! Mail is more adaptable, it is about a space that manages functions beyond showing an email list on the inbox, or showing the content regarding any email we have opened.


In details, with the dual viewing integration, tab mode and attachments viewer, this component has become subtly a protagonist. Therefore, functions are carried out according to the selected option.

In the same way, to view the elements interactively the viewing modes must be activated from the configuration menu. In so, as predetermined mode the email list is shown and when we click on a specific email, the whole content is opened on the entire central component.


Also, when the viewing option is activated to the right from the personalization options, the central component will be divided into two parts; to the left, the email list will remain shown and visible, while to the right its content will be opened.


On the other hand, when the vertical viewing option is activated, the email list will remain on the top, and on the bottom will be shown the corresponding content of the selected email.

yahoo mail

A contextual function bar

Continuing, the central component is accompanied by a function bar that has the purpose to show different options, which can be interacted with the displayed elements. For example, on the inbox visualization or any other mailbox, the available options along with archiving, erasing, Spam selection, among others.

yahoo mail

Also, inside an email the available options are to reply, resend, reply all, save and others. And, on the photo and document viewing it shows the easy option to manage, although it is hoped the number of functions grow regarding this last two important contexts.

yahoo mail

Like this, to interact with these elements you have to make sure you are on the proper context, in order to be able accessing options like save, move, mark as Spam, mark as unread, mark as read, stand out, mark removal and see message without format, you must be on the inbox or in a smart view.

In the same order of ideas, options like save, move, mark as Spam, mark as unread, mark as read, stand out, mark removal and see message without format are available as well, when you visualize an email, since if you access at least one you will be able to use these functions, which are applied to the email you chose in first place. Along with this options, you will also see the reply, reply this, reply all and forward to other address functions.

On top of the contextual function, it will appear the visualization tabs that can be activated from the viewing properties. For example, one of the useful things these tabs allow is the possibility to open a big amount of emails, which are placed in an organized way to visualize them one at the time.

yahoo mail

Thus, to enjoy this option the “message viewing” must be activated from the personalization settings. Therefore, this option is recommended to visualize content on small screen or with low resolutions.

yahoo mail

Additional Yahoo! Services also have their place

To begin with, Yahoo Messenger is a forgotten Yahoo! Service that does not end up completely abandoned, since it has managed to have a place on the interface to promote its use a little more.

yahoo mail

When you click on the icon, you will be taken to a specific web site to complete a registration.

yahoo messenger

In more details, the service can be used to contact other people in Yahoo! that perfectly can be contacts you send emails frequently. In fact, Yahoo! Messenger could be a valid alternative to compete with Skype, which so many importance has achieved on the productive and business sector.

Nonetheless, for the moment the contact icon will lead you to the old Yahoo! Mail version, so you can edit or erase saved contact. Also, something similar occurs with the Gmail contact application, in that way being an existing situation even on the biggest companies of the internet.

yahoo mail


yahoo mail

Similarly, the calendar leads you to the calendar application from the old Yahoo! Mail version, which we hope it will get updated soon. Nonetheless, if you already knew adding events on the calendar, you are going to find this entirely familiar, if not, what you must do is to interact with the application to add events to every hour of every day of the week of interest.

yahoo mail


yahoo mail

It is hoped that missing elements also receive a definitive makeover, and with it we can leave behind the bad experience with Ymail, coming back great service.

Tricks for Yahoo that You Should Know About

In this post, we’ve got some more useful tricks for using your Yahoo account more efficiently and effectively. We’ll go over how to select all the messages in a folder at once (even if there are so many messages they take up multiple pages), tricks for searching for a specific email in your Yahoo Mail, and how to easily create a printer friendly version of a message (no ads or other nonsense).

How to select all messages in Yahoo, even on multiple pages

By the time you find a few minutes to organize your Yahoo email, you might already have hundreds upon hundreds of emails in your various folders. And when you have that many messages, they can’t all be displayed on one page – instead, Yahoo breaks them up into multiple pages. That means that if you wanted to select all 486 emails from a particular folder using the normal method, you’d have to click the “Select all” checkbox for each and every page that those messages are one. Yuck.

Fortunately, there’s a much faster way to do this using Yahoo’s “Search mail” feature.

At the top of your Yahoo Mail inbox, there is a search bar that you can use to search your mail. To the left of it is a small drop down menu that lets you choose which folder of your mail you want to search in. By default, this is set to “All”.

tricks for yahoo 1

Let’s say I want to select all of the messages from my Inbox folder so I can move them somewhere else (Trash, Archive, etc.). I would click on the folder menu and select “Inbox”. Just select whichever folder you want to select all messages from.

tricks for yahoo 2

Once you’ve selected the right folder, don’t type anything in the search bar, and just click “Search mail”.

tricks for yahoo 3

You’ll see all the messages from your selected folder that can fit on one page. Now, obviously I only have 4 messages in my Inbox and I could have easily selected them all manually or just done the “Select all” checkbox at the top of my inbox. But if you have several pages of emails, doing this will only select “all” the emails on the first page, and you’d have to repeat it for every single page.

tricks for yahoo 4

But with these search results, if you click the “Select all” checkbox, it actually selects ALL of the messages at once, no matter how many pages of emails there are. So simply click the top checkbox to select every email in the folder you chose, and then take whatever action you want with them (delete them, mark as spam, move to another folder, archive, etc.).

tricks for yahoo 5

Tricks for searching your Yahoo Mail inbox

Yahoo Mail has some useful search operators that make it easier to find a specific email, even if you can’t remember the details about it. Most people don’t know about these email search tips, and they just blindly wander around their inbox until the find their desired message by pure luck or get tired of looking. But not you!

Let’s say I think I remember getting an email from my Grandma with a recipe that looked interesting. I think it was an Italian recipe that used parsley… or was it Italian parsley? Was it even Grandma who sent it? Where do we even begin?!

If I type the phrase “italian parsley” (including quotation marks) into the Yahoo Mail search bar and click search (if you really don’t know where to look, it’s probably best to have “All” selected for the folder), it will show me all emails I have received and sent that have the exact phrase, “Italian parsley” somewhere inside them. Search terms are not case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you use lowercase or uppercase letters.

tricks for yahoo 6

By removing the quotations marks and just searching for italian parsley, Yahoo understands this to mean “Italian” and “parsley”, so this will bring up all emails that have both of these words somewhere in them.

tricks for yahoo 7

If you want the search tool to use “or” instead of “and”, you can enter the search terms in parenthesis: (italian parsley) will give all messages that have either “Italian” or “parsley”.

tricks for yahoo 8

But now that I’ve looked through all these messages, I realize that it wasn’t parsley at all. So I can enter (without quotations) “italian-parsley”; the – means “minus” in this case, so this will give me all messages that have the word “Italian” but only if they don’t have the word “parsley”.

tricks for yahoo 9

Let’s try another approach. Maybe I’m pretty sure the email with the recipe I want had “recipe” in the subject of the message. I can search (without quotations) subject:recipe to return all emails with “recipe” in the subject line.

tricks for yahoo 10

Ok, but if I have 1000 recipe emails from my Mom and I know she wasn’t the one who sent it, I can remove her messages from my search results using the same “minus sign” as before. subject:recipe -from:Mom will return all emails with “recipe” in the subject that didn’t come from Mom.

tricks for yahoo 13

Now that I think of it, I am pretty sure that recipe was from Grandma. I’ll try checking all messages from:Grandma.

tricks for yahoo 11

I can narrow that down a bit by searching only for recipe emails from Grandma with the search term from:Grandma subject:recipe.

tricks for yahoo 12

And so on and so forth, you can combine these operators “and”, “or”, “not”, “subject”, “from” in any way you want to find the message you’re looking for.

Print an email in Yahoo Mail

Most of the time, if you try to print an email directly from your inbox, you’ll end up wasting a lot of ink and paper on whatever advertisements were there when you hit the print button. Luckily, Yahoo Mail has a super simple way to create an ad-free, printer-friendly version of an email.

First, open the message you want to print. Then, just hit the “P” button on your computer keyboard. A new window with the printer-friendly email will pop up.

tricks for yahoo 14

Alternatively, you can click on the “More” menu inside the email and click on “Print”. The same popup window will appear.

tricks for yahoo 15

Now you have 3 more tricks up your sleeve that will let you get the most out of your Yahoo account! You’re basically a Yahoo Mail pro now.

How to Use Formatting Options in Yahoo Mail

Being able to format your emails has several benefits. It allows you to organize your text better, call attention to the most important things in your message, adapt for contacts who have difficulty reading certain fonts, insert useful links, and add a lot of personality.

Yahoo Mail has several formatting options that help you express your message beautifully. In this tutorial, we’ll go over how to use the most common of them: adding stationary, changing font style and size, adding bold and italics, changing font color, making lists, and inserting links. We’ll also talk about how to quickly remove all formatting and go to plain text.

How to edit format, font and other things in Yahoo Mail

The formatting options are automatically included in a menu at the bottom of every email you compose in Yahoo Mail. So to get started, all you have to do is go to your Yahoo inbox and click the “Compose” button, just as you would for any other email.

yahoo email formatting compose

Enter the recipient(s) for your email, and subject if you want. Now, if you look at the bottom of the message box, you’ll see that there is a menu with many different formatting options.

yahoo email formatting recipient

Here is a close-up view of the formatting menu. In this tutorial we won’t be discussing indentation or text alignment because they aren’t commonly used for most people in email, but with a little trial and error you should be able to figure them out with no problem if you ever need to use them.

yahoo email formatting options bar

Whether you want to write your message first and then add formatting or do the formatting as you go is completely up to you. For illustration, I’ll write out my whole email first and then add formatting afterwards. Here’s the message with no added formatting.

yahoo email plain text

One cute and unique feature in Yahoo Mail is the ability to add stationary, which turns your email into something really special with just a few clicks. To add stationary, just click on the first icon in the formatting menu after the attachment icon. This will open up a menu for you to choose the stationary that you want.

yahoo email stationary

Browse the different categories and scroll through until you find one you like. If you don’t like any of them, just click anywhere outside the stationary menu to get out of it. I chose this festive stationary with balloons for my BBQ invitation.

yahoo email with stationary

How to format font in Yahoo Mail

Next, we’ll change the font style and size. These can both be changed using the second formatting button “Tt”. Select/highlight the text you want to change, and click on the button to open the font options menu. Then select the style and size that you want.

yahoo email format font

I chose “Classic” style and changed my font size to “Large”.

If you want to bold any text, the process is basically the same as in your word processer. Just select/highlight your desired text, and click on the “B” button.

yahoo email bold text

For italics, same thing. Select the text you want to italicize, then click the “I” button.

yahoo email italics

Next up is font color. I would recommend to stick with normal black font for formal or business emails, but if you’re inviting people to a BBQ, why not add some fun color? To change the color of your text, highlight it and then click on the font color icon, which is right after the italics icon. Here you can choose the color of the font and the highlight color (you don’t have to use both).

yahoo email font color

I chose a dark pink that looked cheerful but also easy to read.

If you have a list of items in your email, it can be helpful to the reader if you set them off with bullet points or numbers. To do this, select the text of your list, and click on the lists icon. Then choose a bullet list or numbered list, whichever you feel is most appropriate.

yahoo email format lists

How to add in-line links in Yahoo emails

Adding a link to your emails might not be something you do very often, but it’s nice to know how to do it so you have the option. Have you noticed when you read news online and they mention other news stories in the text of the article, and link to it without actually writing the web address? That’s an in-line link, and it looks cleaner than copy+pasting a URL into your email.

To insert a link, copy the text of your email you want to become the link, then click on the link icon.

yahoo email insert link

This will open a window where you will enter the web address (URL) that you want your text to link to. When you’re done, click “OK”. That’s it!

yahoo edit link

You can also add smiley faces if you want

yahoo email smiley faces

Here’s what our whole email looks like with all of the formatting we added.

yahoo formatted email

If for some reason you want to get rid of all of the formatting at once, you can click on the “<<” button, which will convert your email to plain text.

yahoo remove all formatting

If you hit this by accident, just click “Cancel”. If you really do want to delete all your formatting, click “OK”.

yahoo switch to plain text

Now your email is plain text, and your formatting menu has disappeared. To get it back, click on the “>>” button, which switches back to rich text.

yahoo email formatting rich text

Your menu is back now, but as you can see, the formatting we had earlier was erased. Back to the drawing board!

yahoo mail formatting

How to Chat in Yahoo Messenger

Sometimes it’s more convenient to have a real-time conversation with someone instead of writing an email, waiting for a response, and then writing again. For these situations, you’ll want to take advantage of Yahoo Messenger, a chat app that comes built into your Yahoo Mail. It doesn’t require any additional sign up – you can access it directly from your inbox! In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to chat in Yahoo Messenger step by step.

Chatting in Yahoo Messenger


To get started chatting, login to your Yahoo account if you haven’t already done so and go to your Yahoo Mail inbox. In the upper left-hand corner is a menu bar with several icons. The second to last is a little smiley face icon; this smiley face is the “face” of Yahoo Messenger. To open the messenger, click on this icon.

yahoo messenger icon

This will open a little popup window where you will verify your name, which will be shown on your Yahoo Messenger profile to the people you chat with. After that, you’ll see a window which may have some of your Yahoo contacts listed as suggestions for who to chat with. You don’t have to choose from them. To start a new chat, just click on the little pencil icon in the corner.

yahoo messenger popup

This will open a new message window from the bottom of your screen. First, you’ll have to choose someone to send the message to. You can select from suggested contacts or enter someone’s email address manually in the “Add people by email or contact” box.

yahoo messenger new message

After you’ve added a contact to receive your chat message, you can type your message in the bottom portion where it says “Add a message”.

yahoo messenger message sent

If you ever need to add someone else to the conversation, forming a group chat, just click on the “add contact” icon, and you’ll be taken back to the add contacts screen to enter the email address of the new person you want to add to the chat.

yahoo messenger group chat add contact

You can also edit various aspects of the chat by clicking on the “information” icon.

yahoo chat info

And that’s all there is to sending instant messages and chatting on Yahoo Messenger! You can send messages this way whether your contacts are currently online or not. If they aren’t, they’ll get your messages the next time the sign in.

One last thing: Yahoo Messenger is a great way for sharing high resolution photos that might be too large to send via email. There is a little “photo” icon in the box where you type your message. Clicking on it will let you browse for the pictures you want to share.

Yahoo Applications for iPhone, iPad and Android

yahoo app

If you’re like most people these days, you’re always on the go and sometimes it can be hard to find a desktop or laptop computer to check your email. Fortunately, you can check your Yahoo Mail from just about anywhere using their mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android. Downloading them is free, quick and easy and they’re very intuitive and user-friendly. Let’s go through each device one at a time.

Yahoo Mail application for iPhone

If you want to check your Yahoo email on your iPhone, you can find the free Yahoo app in the App Store the way you would look for any application. It will look something like this:

yahoo app ios itunes

If you’re on your iPhone, you can just click “Install” to put the Yahoo mobile app on your device. If you’re using iTunes on a computer, you can download it to sync with your other devices later.

yahoo app ios screenshot

When you open the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your Yahoo ID (email address) and password, just like you would when you sign in online.

Yahoo mobile app for iPad

You can find Yahoo for iPad the same way you would for iPhone. Just use your iPad to go to the App Store and search for Yahoo. Your search result will look something like this:

yahoo app ios itunes

Just click “Install” the same way you would download any other app on your iPad. Wait for the application to finish downloading and installing, and then open it. Once you enter your Yahoo username and password, you’re good to go!

yahoo app ipad

Yahoo mail for Android

If you use an Android device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, you’ll be downloading the Yahoo app from the Google Play Store. You can go online to and search for “Yahoo”, or go directly to the Play Store app on your device and do the same.  Your results will look similar to this:

yahoo app google play

As you can see, Yahoo has several different apps available for Android. If all you’re interested in is managing your email, you’ll want to click on the first option called “Yahoo Mail”. Feel free to download the other Yahoo apps later!

yahoo app for android

Here on the Yahoo Mail app detail page, you can see if the application is compatible with the device you’re using. If it is, you can simply click “Install” to download it to your device. When the installation is complete and you open the Yahoo Mail mobile app, you’ll have to sign in with your Yahoo email and password, and then you’re all set!